About Us

Barel Architects, founded in 1998 by architects Oren and Fanny Bar-On, is a leading architects’ office in everything connecting to the planning and building of commercial and industrial buildings, offices, residential buildings and houses.

Over the years, the office has overseen the design and construction of numerous projects throughout Israel, adopting the ecological architecture, Eco-Tech, which takes into account the landscape line in planning each and every detail of the building. This type of planning saves energy by making use of the natural resources in the area of the building, such as wind directions and flow, natural lighting, terrain conditions, and more. This type of advanced and ecological construction planning enables long term financial savings for the client, benefiting the environment, and creating a perfect match between the building and the area where it is being built.

Barel Architects’ extensive experience in the field of ecological architecture, has made it an expert at designing and building public, commercial, industrial, and logistic buildings, and offices, buildings that combine offices and commercial areas, and more. 

Barel Architects assists the clients throughout all stages of the project. The firm’s staff makes a point of always being attentive to the clients’ needs and wishes, understanding their requirements, and customizing the most precise and right solution for them.

Oren Bar-On

M.Sc. in Architecture, Robert Gordon University, Scotland.
“The projects designed at our office, reflect the utilization of passive and active energy by making use of natural resources, in order to create a unique architecture with a progression towards the future.“

Fanny Elkeslassy Bar-On

M.Sc. in Architecture,  Robert  Gordon University, Scotland.
“Beyond a comprehensive solution and understanding of all the necessary details and of the clients’ requirements, we also provide them with a design that incorporates innovative technologies such as ecological architecture and expertise in steel construction“.

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