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Barel Architects, founded in 1998 by architects Oren and Fanny Bar-On, is a leading architects’ office in everything connecting to the planning and building of commercial and industrial buildings, offices, residential buildings and houses.





Barel Architects specializes in the designing and building of commercial, industrial, and logistical buildings, including buildings that combine offices with commercial areas or industrial buildings. Barel Architects’ unique expertise in steel construction makes it one of the top firms in the field.

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When it comes to public buildings, Barel Architects specializes in designing public institutions and education buildings. The office’s projects include the External Studies School in Be’er Sheva, the Merhav Am Community Center and others.

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Barel Architects has years of experience in designing gas stations all over Israel, and the firm has also participated in the ‘Oasis’ Exhibition for one of the stations it designed: a gas station on Soncino Street in Tel Aviv. The station even earned the flattering nickname ‘The High-Tech Station on The Garage Street’.

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When it comes to designing offices, Barel Architects uses its international experience combining it with its expertise in the state of the art ecological architecture and steel construction. The design trend is to create a welcoming, comfortable and convenient building for its inhabitants which is also of interest to its surrounding.

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Barel Architects specializes in preparing City Building Plans proposals and programs, as well as Land Purpose Changes and Land Betterment proposals.

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Planning a residential home is in fact designing a dream, where each apartment or house has its own unique character. The first step in designing and building residential buildings and houses, is an in-depth understanding of the client’s wants and aspirations. The aim is to translate the client’s dream into reality, by planning a stylish functional living space, creating the perfect match between the built area and the outside area, and protecting the residents’ privacy while utilizing the environment’s resources, and using materials of the highest quality.

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Commercial interior design is a field that relates to the branding of the business and includes spaces for commercial use that must be effective and smart in order to attract and excite the customers who enter and then buy. These spaces should convey a visual message reflected in the choice of materials, colors, furniture, and suitable lighting with the purpose of creating an enjoyable experience for the buyers.

Unlike housing interior decoration, commercial interior decoration needs to take into consideration additional parameters besides the atmosphere and the feel that the place wishes to convey to the user. It should guide the buyer along a purchasing itinerary planned in advance, with the aim of creating profit and success for its owners.

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Why Us?

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Projects

During the years, many projects throughout the country have been designed, built and managed by our office in our unique Echo – Tech planning approach, which is an ecological architecture that takes into consideration every detail of the building.

Barel Architects’ rich experience in the field of ecological architecture has led it to specialize in the planning and construction of the following types of buildings: public, commercial, industrial, logistical, office, and combined office & commercial area, etc.

Barel Architects accompanies its customers along every stage of the project. The office staff makes a point of listening attentively to the customers’ needs and desires, comprehending their requirements and suiting the most precise and right solutions.


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